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Articles on fixing up or rehabbing distressed houses purchased as a foreclosure. Getting a house ready to rent.

A Closer Look At the Option Period

In one of our earlier posts we mention the option period. In this, we are going to take a closer look. The articles in this blog are a practical guide to owning and operating your own single family rental property … Continue reading

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Flipping vs Renting – The Math

This blog is about owning and operating rental properties in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton metroplex. If you are new to this blog, read “Get a Mentor” and “Getting Started” and you can follow the posts from there. Often the … Continue reading

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How much to offer?

One question that gets asked a lot is how much to offer for a foreclosure? How much to bid? At asking? Above asking? Far below asking? So in this article, I’m going to discuss this in detail. In these blogs … Continue reading

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Finding Good Contractors and Vendors

I had mentioned in one of my earlier posts that I will get into the details of finding and keeping good contractors and vendors. This post is about that. If you follow my articles you must realize that I place … Continue reading

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The Power of Leverage

I talk about real estate investing with many people every day. If they are new, invariably they ask me, “How much money do I need?” So in this post, we’ll talk about that. If you Googled your way right to … Continue reading

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The Rehab Order

We have discussed what to fix in an earlier post. In this post we will dive into some greater detail and mainly focus on the order in which things should be done. It’s a good time to remind our readers … Continue reading

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The Members of Your Team

Real estate investing is a team sport. You cannot go far sitting in front of your computer and clicking. You have to deal with people. Your first team member is of course your mentor. If you have not read the … Continue reading

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Rehabbing a Single Family Home to Rent

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If you have not read the post on getting a mentor please do so here. In this post we are going to talk about rehabbing – or fixing up a foreclosure to make it ready for rent. The rehab process … Continue reading

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