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The BERCAT companies own and operate residential real estate in north and central Texas. The blog articles are a compilation of our experience securing and operating these properties.

If you would like to invest in this area, please read our blogs here and feel free to comment and participate in the discussion.

The posts in these blogs discuss investing in single family residential real estate in the north and central Texas areas. We discuss all the steps involved in great detail. A good place to get started is the “Get a Mentor” page. As you read these articles you’ll learn how and what properties to buy, how to find and keep good contractors, how to rehab (fix up) a property, how to market the property for lease, how to find good tenants and manage the term of the lease.

Though this blog is primarily technical in nature, we dive into the broader areas impacting US real estate and the economy now and then. We discuss markets, concepts, our financial system and other current topics.

Feel free to participate by adding your comments. We welcome comments that add value to the discussion.

About Bernie (the author):

Bernie is a distinguished technologist (Motorola heritage). He along with his wife invest in residential real estate in north and central Texas. Bernie loves to teach, both technology and real estate investing and so authors posts on this blog. You can reach Bernie at mentor@buysellmls.com.

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